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Starry starry nursery

28 Apr

Our nursery is (finally!) just about done. While there are a few little things we might like to add, they’re not essential to its completeness and we’re not stressing over them. Anyways, without further adieu, here is Turtle’s starry nursery!


First off, let me just say, this was truly a labor of love on both my and DH’s parts. As we did when we designed our office, we really came together as a team to express our shared design aesthetic which tends to be an eclectic mix of modern and antique, new and collected. Putting together this room (THE room) will always remain a highlight of my pregnancy.

Let’s rewind a minute and take a look at the before pic of what was our guest room:


As you can see, we were pretty much working with a blank slate. I never wanted to decorate this room very much because like so many infertiles, I always hoped it would become a baby’s room. When I finally allowed myself to admit that this pregnancy looked like it would be sticking around, we started making plans for this room.

Choosing a paint color. We went with Benjamin Moore's "Constellation," ironically.

Choosing a paint color. We went with Benjamin Moore’s “Constellation,” ironically.

Painting complete, DH did an awesome job!

Painting complete, DH did an awesome job!

Now we knew we wanted to incorporate wallpaper in some way. I was thinking one wall of wallpaper with the others painted. We originally liked the look of this wallpaper but when the sample came, it really looked nothing like it does on that website (the stars were all holographic and tacky looking, which is crazy considering the price of that paper). So then I started poking around some more and that’s when I found Ralph Lauren’s navy blue constellation wallpaper and we both fell in love. When the sample came, we realized it would look so much better on the ceiling than on the wall. The little white stars even glow in the dark for 30 minutes after you turn the lights off!

My Dad came up to help DH put up the wallpaper - quite the  bonding experience for those two!

My Dad came up to help DH put up the wallpaper – quite the bonding experience for those two!

Back to the finished product… here’s the crib corner with the mobile hung up. For the crib, we went with the babyletto Hudson 3 in 1 Convertible Crib in gray. It’s a nod to the Oeuf Sparrow crib at about half the price. The mobile is from Etsy. The color block curtains are from Land of Nod.


Here’s his dresser/changing table corner, which is the Nyvoll from Ikea. After college I swore I’d never buy Ikea furniture again but, do you know how expensive dressers are? We really liked the look of this one and the price was so affordable. I love the white lacquer drawers and the fact that they’re slam-proof. We plan to keep diapers, wipes and other essentials in the upper left drawer.


The lamp goes perfectly with the dresser and was such a steal from CB2. The astronaut print is kind of a long story but we bought it from a friend’s antique store. It’s actually a print on thick, quite warped, cardboard (believed to be from Grissom‘s memorial service) that my engineer husband had to rig up a fancy framing for. Anyways, it had just been floating aimlessly around the house but once we started putting this room together, we knew it had to be in here.


Opposite the crib, we have the chair and bookshelf corner. The chair we agonized over forever, it was one of the last things we bought. We ended up not getting a rocker because we couldn’t see ourselves using it once Turtle outgrows the baby years and didn’t want to fork over so much for a semi-temporary piece of furniture. Instead we found this chair at West Elm that worked so well stylistically. It’s actually a recliner and SO super comfortable.


The bookshelf is new, from Ikea. The star we recycled from our office (originally $5 from Home Goods!). The canvas baskets on the shelf are from The Container Store. If I have time and energy before he comes, I’d like to get the polar bear print framed and hung, and we’d also like a small side table (been eying this one in bronze) and either a floor lamp or a small lamp to go on top of the shelf (I love this one). And, I suppose the chair could use a throw blanket and pillow too but we’ll just have to see if I get around to those things.


A couple of other little details to share… these are the beautiful beanbag bookends one of my dear friends got for our shower. They fit so well in the room! She said she got them from Etsy.


This is a little antique Turtle figurine that DH bought me ages ago for some holiday or anniversary. I never really appreciated it until recently!


And this is the first thing we ever bought for Turtle, a little bicycle onesie. It symbolizes our embracing the pregnancy and is a nod to DH’s love of bikes (he builds them in his spare time).


So that’s our little nursery! It’s bittersweet in a way because I know Turtle won’t get to come home and enjoy it for quite some time but going in there reminds me that he will be coming home, that there’s more to our story than surgery and a hospital stay, and that life will go on.


Showered with love

6 Apr

I have some major catching up to do around these parts! Today marks the big 3-0 and it’s such a surreal milestone to reach. Even as late as the second trimester, part of me didn’t really believe we’d ever see 30 weeks pregnant. It’s definitely starting to feel like the tail end of this pregnancy has arrived and Turtle’s arrival is imminent.

Now that we’re getting close, I have some major fears around his birth and the early months of his life that I’m having to face head on. One of the things we’re doing to deal with this is looking into hiring a doula (special thanks to Belle for her encouragement in this area), which I will blog about soon. We’re still in the early days of talking to people, figuring out the financials and seeing if there’s a good fit out there for us.

First though, I want to thank everyone for your support after my last post. It really helped me through a very tough few days where I’d find myself breaking down for no apparent reason. Eventually though, the shock of hearing statements like “if your baby is born premature he won’t survive” wore off and I’m thankful that I was able to enjoy Turtle’s baby shower thrown lovingly by my parents at our house. Friends and family came to Boston from D.C., NYC, and Philly to celebrate Turtle and it was really just lovely.






On Monday, we have a full day of appointments with both OBs and our surgeon at Children’s. We’re having two ultrasounds and touring both hospitals. No matter what information we learn, we know it will be a “wake up call” day. A day that makes it all feel very real and very close. That’s going to be great in some ways and hard in others but either way, the time has come to face what’s ahead of us head on.

I’ll be back sometime after that to let you know how it went.

In case it makes you feel any better…

5 Mar

Kimmy K is officially being compared to a whale. Just sayin’… I know I feel a little bit better about my 30+ lb. weight gain (and counting!) after seeing this.



11 Sep

Here’s my attempt at catching up (again!) on the photo challenge, ready? WAIT.

Two quick things. One, the third episode of Bitter Infertiles… IS NOW LIVE! Whaaaat, awesome. Can I just point out how irresistible Mo’s bedroom voice is? If you don’t listen to another episode, at least listen to the first minute of this one. Am I right? This week we discuss the torture of the 2WW, dealing with prescribed sex, what happens when IVF fails, and surviving baby showers, among other things. We even assign you, dear listeners, some homework, so after you go and listen, email us! ( Your response could be read on our next episode! Which would make you famous! Or at least podcast famous. Which, I can now attest after helping host now two whole podcasts, is pretty rad. Just sayin’.

Next! Le cycle. So AF officially knocked down my door (finally!) yesterday. I started taking my pills, one when AF came, another after dinner (they’re meant to be taken twice daily). I called the clinic this morning and learned first of all that I’m meant to take TWO pills twice per day. So I took the wrong dosage yesterday but that’s probably not going to be a problem. I’m more happy because I got my dates. So check this out right. I take my two itty bitty pills twice a day through Saturday the 22nd. That day I go in at 8 am for my first and most likely only ultrasound of the cycle. If all looks good, I start the progesterone shots that night and my transfer is Wednesday the 26th.

This is perfect because I leave Saturday afternoon for my biz trip in NYC (I’m leaving a little bit early to help my cousin with a little project she’s working on) and I come back Tuesday night. Only thing is, said cousin is going to need to give me my shots. Eeps! That should be an interesting adventure. The only thing I’m worried about now is Monday night. I’ll be staying in a hotel room with the girl I supervise, who obviously knows nothing of my struggles with infertility. So, do I tell her? If not, how do I explain why my cousin and I are spending 10 minutes alone together in the bathroom? Hmmm… What would you do? Or I could stick myself in the thigh but that pretty much terrifies me.

Anyways, itty bitty pills. One ultrasound (ideally). One transfer. Some shots. I’m liking this FET more and more.

Alrighty then. The challenge! Here’s my next little batch o’ challenge photos.

6. Book

The Crimson Petal and the White was on my lap, begging to be read. When I took this.

7. Golden

Took this in Acadia, next to a seafood shack on the site of the road.

8. Music

Also from Acadia. Does anything sound so beautiful as a rainbow?

9. Honey

Pardon the literal interpretation, but who could resist this golden tower of sweetness? Taken at Savannah Bee Co. in Charleston, SC.

10. Morning

One fine morning at the beach. Pardon my heinous nails.


5 Sep

My contribution to the September Photo Challenge for today:

5. Pure

The purest I know. None purer.

Catch up

5 Sep

Have I really been gone that long? You trek to Maine for Labor Day weekend and come back to a chill in the air, September on your calendar and a whiff of that end of year panic that infertiles know all too well. Another year gone by and not a drop pregnant.

(Let me preface this entire post by saying that I’m feeling rather down tonight, so if this comes across as that, well.. it’s that.)

(Doesn’t help that I just watched the most touching tribute to Ted Kennedy.)(Also doesn’t help that DH left this morning for his third straight week out of town.)

(K stopping parenthetical writing…. now.)

Anyways, time to tidy up around these parts and play catch up on a few things. First! The second episode of Bitter Infertiles is now LIVE – yippee! Sadly, yours truly was unable to join due to the extreme lack of reliable service up in Acadia. But Mo, Jess and Cristy held down the fort quite well, if I must say so myself.

Go listen now! The episode features a discussion of the term “super fertility,” followed in quick succession by the term “super bitter infertiles,” the media’s portrayal of miscarriage, grieving miscarriages (listening to Mo talk about Nadav here is particularly moving), a wonderfully inspiring interview with Lori Lavender Luz of Write Mind, Open Heart (oh god, could I identify with the cigarette in the gas tank memory (maybe too well), healing through movement and creativity (brilliant), and also the idea of choosing to see your life in a way that makes you fulfilled), and then some much needed venting on celebrity pregnancies (WTF HOLLY MADISON!).

It’s pretty much awesome and you need to go listen now. Oh and also, we’re on iTunes now too! And we’re listed as “EXPLICIT,” so you know it’s good.

Okay, second! A confession: I peed on a stick today. I DON’T KNOW WHY. I just thought… maybe? My period is no where to be found but my temps have been high for over a week. It was negative, obviously. I would have led with that (I don’t have THAT much self control, obviously). But yeah. Officially waiting for AF to start taking the estradiol pills. Yaaaaaaaay FET. (Sarcasm, case you couldn’t tell.)

Finally, I am shamefully behind on the September photo challenge! I am cheating slightly here because most of these weren’t taken SPECIFICALLY for the challenge but they’re still photos I took so… I’m calling it fair enough. Also, I like loose photo challenge interpretations. Just me.

1. Beginning

Me and my college buddy, jumping in Maine on September 1

2. Fire

Mucho caliente (from our road trip down South to the beach)

3. White

This photo was inadvertently taken on my phone on September 3rd.
Equal parts creepy and cool, and totally ethereal.

4. School

Maine = The Way Life Should Be
(Taken in Bar Harbor, Sept 1)

This concludes our evening programming. Thank you for tuning in.