Onto IVF

3 May

We had our IVF consultation with Dr. B today and I have to say, I left there feeling pretty hopeful and okay with moving forward with IVF. I had mixed feelings going in. On the one hand, I know it has a higher success rate and I’ve seen it’s success in this community many times (especially recently!). On the other, it seems so serious, and like the last resort. If this doesn’t work, what’s next? I try not to go there but sometimes I can’t help it. And there’s that little voice in me that still can’t believe where we are. That thought we’d never come CLOSE to touching those three letters (not to mention scary words like miscarriage or infertility).

First things first, the appointment did start on a rocky note. We were scheduled to meet with Dr. B at 11. Around 11:15 we saw him coming into the clinic with scrubs on, presumably from a procedure. Okay, no problem. Then we keep waiting and waiting. At 11:35, I ask how much longer it will be because we had to get back to work. Not long, they say. We wait. By 11:44 I say, Okay we’re waiting until 11:45 then we’re leaving. Just at that moment they call us back. Then we’re waiting in the meeting room still! And getting really annoyed at this point, especially DH. It makes us start to question our relationship with Dr. B, how much we trust him, what our rapport is like, and even, whether or not we want to stay with the clinic (we can be a bit dramatic at times but we did feel like our time wasn’t being respected – and this was quite an important appointment after all!). We finally agree that if no one comes in by noon, we’re out of there. Finally around 11:55, Dr. B arrives and he was very apologetic. He asked if that was us in the waiting room when he came in and said the nurses didn’t tell him we were here and how he hates it when that happens, how he always tries to respect people’s time, how he was going to have a word with the nurses, etc. That made us feel better and we were able to open up to this discussion.

He starts by recapping our two IUIs. The first one worked, “we got you pregnant,” but it was a biochemical. This cycle, we hyperstimulated you and had to cancel. Now we have two options, another IUI with a lower dosage and Metformin or IVF. IVF, he said, gives him more control and would be his recommendation. We agreed.

So he said after this cycle ends, we’ll start Lupron on CD 21 of my next cycle. I asked him exactly what is going on with this cycle and he said the eggs all collapsed, that’s why I’ve been spotting, and that it will all be over in a week from now and I’ll get my period (again, he made it clear that I will not ovulate). Then we wait 21 days, start the Lupron (oh the stories I’ve heard about this drug! Can’t wait to sample the Lupron crazies for myself), get another period, then start stimming around early June! He’ll put me on 150 iu of Gonal-f, and when the eggs are ready, of course we’ll have the egg retrieval followed by the embryo transfer followed finally by the beta.

Then I pummeled him with questions. You’ve got to be your own advocate, right? I’m getting more and more comfortable with this. He won’t do a mock transfer, he doesn’t find value in them anymore. He’ll choose the best embryos based on how they look; he doesn’t do PGD because it can cause mortality, only if completely necessary. ICSI is not necessary in our case either. The live birth rate in my age group is 40-45% for this clinic. He believes our chances of success to be very good. He will transfer two embryos if possible, will not transfer more for someone my age. He does not do endometrial biopsies prior to transfer (unless necessary of course). The only supplement I need to be taking is the prenatal.

So that’s that! Now I just wait for my period. Hope it comes soon! I’m so beyond done with this funky cycle.


5 Responses to “Onto IVF”

  1. Leslie May 3, 2012 at 3:49 am #

    I would have been totally annoyed. Seriously annoyed. Misunderstanding or not, that’s a big chunk of time to be away from work.

    And I’m VERY impressed that you stood up for yourself and advocated for what you and DH needed to know. How exciting to have made a decision! I’m keeping fingers crossed for this beyotch of a cycle ends quickly so you can get started. (And yeah, still perplexed by Dr. B’s insistence that you won’t O, but whatevs).

  2. DandelionBreeze May 3, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    Great that you got good news after waiting for so long… hoping your next cycle comes on soon and you can get going 🙂 xoxo

  3. Cristy May 3, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    Okay, how is it that the nurses didn’t know you were waiting? If that’s really the case, I would be concerned. If it’s not, well . . . . It just sounds fishy.

    But, I’m very proud of you. You stood up for yourself and advocated for necessary information. That took guts, girl.

  4. sass May 3, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Good for you for asking all your questions. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. I hope your next cycle is a lucky one!

  5. Katie May 3, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    Its awesome you have a plan…I bet you feel better! Hope your period comes quick to get the party started 🙂

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