Cycle update: CD9, happy day

19 Apr

Of course the moment I post impatiently about waiting by the phone, they call. Oh well.

So, went in for my second check up this morning as planned. First of all, it was a really great ultrasound appointment. I really like the ultrasound tech at my clinic and this week she’s had a resident shadowing her so there’ve been two people in the room which I don’t mind at all.

The moment the dildocam went in, they instantly both exclaimed “gorgeous! Look at that cervix.” I was like, “wow, really?” “Yeah, it looks great,” they said. “Are you having some clear discharge?” “Yup.” “That’s good, that means you’re responding well to the meds.”

“And ooh, look at that lining, looks great.” “Really? How thick is it?” They measured 7 mm which I know isn’t amazing but I think it’s on its way. It did look nice and even and pretty on the screen. Is it weird that I’m starting to understand and see what they see on the monitor? Like that mess of gray and black is actually starting to make sense in my brain?

Then they panned over to my right ovary and both gasped. “Beautiful!” they said. This was seriously the most positive ultrasound I’ve ever had. The ultrasound tech went on to talk about how nice and big and round my follicles were, how they were like juicy ripe grapes to her, and how she loves the round ones so much more than the squished ones. Hahaha.  It looked like there were a ton on my right ovary, they measured four I think. They both seemed really impressed with my follies. They even said they love appointments like mine and always ask the scheduler to give them some like this toward the end of the day so they can end on a high note (too bad I only was the second appointment of the day). At the end of the appointment they were like, “This is so exciting!!” That left me feeling all happy and excited, which I don’t get to feel too often on this process, so I went with it!

My left ovary was the underachiever again but it too had two measurable follies on it. All in all, in my progress report call, the nurse reporter four total eggs. Two at 14 mm, 1 at 12.5 and 1 at 12. They want me to keep on the same dose of Gonal-f (112.5 iu) tonight and tomorrow and have me go back on Saturday morning for more testing. Four eggs is fine she said. I was worried that maybe they were canceling the cycle because that they took so long to call but thankfully that’s not the case.

As for estrogen, I’m up to 558! I’m super pleased with that number. To me it means things are growing and progressing but not too fast. The nurse said that meant things were progressing nicely and she estimates that they’ll “set me off” on Saturday for a Monday procedure. I asked about Ganirelix because I do of course worry about O’ing too early on my own. They said at this point they wouldn’t do it but that they can test my LH and progesterone on Saturday.

I also asked about doing a different progesterone supplement this time since the Crinone is so freaking awfully uncomfortable for me. She recommended IM progesterone, the intermuscular shots. I’m actually totally game for this, though I know it’s a different kind of shot, bigger needle that goes deeper and lots of people have discomfort at the entry point. But I was so miserable on the Crinone, I’m willing to give them a try.

So things are looking good! Can’t wait to do Saturday’s ultrasound since DH will be able to come with me and we should have a very good sense of how many eggs we’ll be triggering with. Fingers crossed that things keep going the way they are!!


One Response to “Cycle update: CD9, happy day”

  1. Cristy April 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    Yay for good news!!

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